I was at Walmart with Banana-man, ready to checkout.  I sent him off to get a coffee and wait while I went through the line.

I passed by the self-checkout because I don’t like them; the screens ask too many questions (coupon?, cash?, debit card?, etc.) the scanners deafen you with their screechy beeps, and the bagging weigh scale table nags and nags (put item in bag, take item out of bag, too many items in bag).

Luckily, a cashier waved me over, so I followed her to her till.  She helped me put everything on the conveyor belt, then walked away.

Really, far away; off to flag down another unsuspecting ‘guest’.

She’d taken me to a self-checkout till.  It was a cashier style till, but with a self scanner in place of where the cashier used to stand.

I was quite unhappy.

The flat of water I’d bought scanned without issue, but didn’t fit on the weigh-scale bagging spinning thingy, and the scanner wouldn’t accept another item until it was resolved.  I balanced the flat of water between the two skinny wire bag holders and continued to the second flat of water …

… because my cart had been emptied onto the conveyor belt by the deceptive, ever smiling, fake cashier.

I will not trust another cashier who waves me over.

Walmart will not see me again after Banana-man leaves.

Laundry Day

It’ll be a long day 🙂

And, then I get to have pancakes for dinner!!

Running a RED

Image result for black suv  Seeing this scream right in front of me as I was passing through an intersection was terrifying – I’m so glad Car-man knows how to install brakes correctly; his car stopped ‘on a dime’ when I jammed the brake to the floor.  I’m also glad the seat-belts worked.

As for the driver of the black SUV that decided HE was in a hurry and that a stupid red-light meant nothing – I hope you pooped in your pants.

Chicken Duck Man

We were cycling along the creek path when we noticed a homeowner pruning the shrubbery along their back fence.   The man was doing a very nice job of tidying up the wildness that ran between his back fence and the bicycle path (about 20 feet of space).

I noticed some movement near his feet and realized that he’d brought his pet chicken and pet duck out to help him.  A full grown red hen, and a hefty male mallard duck.

On the way back along the path, the three were still quietly working away.


Crazy Acorn

It was the weirdest thing we’d seen in a while.

A long while.

We were driving along the street, with one tree on it, an oak tree (of course).  We passed safely under the tree without any issue.

A few feet later, we both watched with amazement as an acorn, spinning like a twirling top, rode up the front hood of the car, swirled to the windscreen, and did a funky spin/twist/drop UNDER the hood and into the water channel.

We could hear it spinning around, thanks to the air vents in the cabin.  After a few moments it stopped.

At our destination, we pulled into the parking lot and parked in a spot; that acorn rolled with every change in direction the car made.

Car-man popped the hood and plucked the acorn out, looked at it curiously, then gently tossed it into a natural area, and wished it well.

I hope it grows up into a huge oak tree.


We were cycling along the creek the other day, in the late afternoon, when a HUGE buck darted out from the trees, bounded down the slope, leaped across the creek, and disappeared into the woods on the other side.

It was HUGE.

Our deer are normally the size of a medium dog, just taller.  This buck was the size of a great dane, and taller too!  Its rack was the size you see on the magazine cover of a hunting magazine.

We both stopped our bikes to watch it cross a few feet in front of us – OK, it startled us and we both hit the breaks hard, and then watched in silence, with mouths agape, as it crossed to the safety of the woods.

My thoughts were;  Wow!  How lucky are we to see that!!  Wow!  How does something that BIG live in our neighborhood?  It’s suburbia, with little tracks of ‘natural spaces’ for the frolicking of squirrels, possums, and raccoons, and the occasional box turtle.  And, lastly,  How does he not get his antlers caught up in the trees?

Image result for buck Picture from

New Drains

Our back yard floods.  If we have a torrential rain, the water level threatens to flood into the house.  It hasn’t yet, but it was making us anxious with every hurricane.

This year, we paid for an additional drain to be installed that carries the water from the back yard, to the front street and into the fresh water sewer.

We’ve had a lot of rain since then, and yet, we still don’t know if the new drain is working because the water in the back yard isn’t collecting into pools anymore.

Is that because we haven’t had a torrential downpour?  Or, is it because the drain is working?

We won’t know that answer until the next hurricane fills the street with water.  Then, we’ll see if the backyard drains, or not.