Policy Changes, Blog Changes

Hmm. It seems that once I post a picture, or story, it becomes the property of this site (no longer mine).  I have no rights, nor control over who/what gets to use my content.  So, bye-bye pictures.  And, I’m considering removing all my blog posts too.  I’m not sure yet…



How fresh are those eggs?


I’ve circled a 3 digit number on each carton of eggs.  That is the date the eggs were processed.  There are 365 days in a year, so the larger the number, the fresher the eggs will be (January 1 = 001, February 2 = 033).

In this picture the egg carton with 285, is the freshest.  Day 285 = October 12, which means they were 9 days old on the day I bought them (October 21).

Why not just go with the Best By date?  The egg producers are allowed to adjust the Best By date forward or backward, by a few days.  The Processed-on date can not be changed, so it will always be the most accurate estimate of freshness.

Foggy Day

My favorite kind of day!

The fog’s so thick you can’t see the bottom of the driveway 🙂

The backyard is misty and magical.

And, it’s Friday the 13th!

How perfect is that?

Flood Water

Just a pic on why flood water can be dangerous to walk in, why you should throw out any items that absorbed flood water, and never enter the water with open cuts (even a paper cut).  Normally wastewater is in a closed system that flows directly to a treatment plant, but where there is extensive flooding (such as from a hurricane) the system can fail.

It’s not possible to tell from a picture, but the smell was intense, powerful, and left no doubt as to what was in that water.

This sanitary sewer cover has been lifted by water pressure and is pouring untreated sewage onto the flooded street, and sadly, into homes.  Every time a toilet was flushed, the washing machine used, the dishwasher used, it flowed out here (yes, that’s toilet paper you see)  –


The people that lived downstream of this had floodwater in their home, and sadly, lots of this sewage.

Today, several days later, the area is dry, the sewer cover is back where it belongs, and the entire area has a light brown/grey silt covering that stinks.  The grass, the shrubs, the dirt on the side of the road, everything.  As you pass by, you hold your breath.

The curbs are now lined with rugs, under pad, drywall, insulation, couches, mattresses, pillows, particle board furniture and cabinets, TV’s, stereos, washers, dryers, stoves, fridges,  Truly, everything from your home up to 4 feet high, and in some homes, it reached to their second floor.

Who was more terrified?

It’s a valid question.

Now, today, a day later, I can look back calmly and wonder, was it me?, or the bug?

This is how it went down…

… I was walking with Car-man down to the creek to see how far it was down after all the flooding.  It was back in its banks – good news for everyone!

Walking back to the house we were talking and in order to do that, you have to open your mouth (I say this because I don’t want you all to think I walk around with my mouth hanging open, because I don’t).  At the last moment my eye caught something big and dark blitzing in from a tree, heading right at my head, and right into my mouth.

I could feel its wings slamming into the sides of my cheeks, its whole body was inside my mouth, its feet were splayed out scrabbling against my tongue, gums and teeth in a frantic attempt to back up and get out.

It got out with the help of the burst of air as I screamed.

Car-man spun around, instantly ready to defend me from whatever had provoked my terror.  “WHAT?? WHAT??”

I think I cried from the shock as I sputtered out, “a bug, it was a bug! A BIG bug!”

Credit to him; he didn’t smirk, laugh, or tease me, he just gave me a hug and said I’d be OK, and that the bug was probably more scared than I was.

I’m sure the bug had nightmares last night, I know I did.

Baby Snake

We woke up to a little baby snake in the pool.  It couldn’t have been as long as the length of your hand.  I scooped it out, took a careful look, then released it into the garden.  After a quick check on google, I’d saved a grass snake 🙂

Yesterday, I scooped a Sphinx Moth from the pool, and put that in the garden too.  It was beautiful, with delicate pink flares on its wings – click here for a link if you want to know more.   Links to the Texas Butterfly Ranch.

Car-man was working on the generator when a possum fell out of a tree, then walked away into the shrubbery.  We both hope it’s OK; it was rather alarming and we were both  concerned for its well-being.  It was gone by the time we made it across the yard, and we were unable to find it.


Happy Family

From – Photoblog.statesman.com

We saw a family heading to the lake this weekend – they are Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (native to the Amazon) and nest in trees.  We live in their northernmost summer breeding range, so it’s normal for them to hatch as the heat of the summer gears up to ‘oven hot’ or, their spring.

This is not my picture – I wasn’t fast enough to get a shot, but the image is similar enough.

Our family had a dozen chicks being escorted to the water; Mom in front and Dad guarding the rear.

Happily, they all made it safely!