Happy Family

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We saw a family heading to the lake this weekend – they are Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (native to the Amazon) and nest in trees.  We live in their northernmost summer breeding range, so it’s normal for them to hatch as the heat of the summer gears up to ‘oven hot’ or, their spring.

This is not my picture – I wasn’t fast enough to get a shot, but the image is similar enough.

Our family had a dozen chicks being escorted to the water; Mom in front and Dad guarding the rear.

Happily, they all made it safely!

Clean Windows

I’m day 2 into window washing – who knew it could possibly take this long?  And, I’m not done, and I’m not using windex, and they sparkle!!

Day 1 was the outside, ground floor windows.

Day 2, Today, I tackled the interior windows, and realized that mirrors are also glass – so all the glass in the house now sparkles.

Day 3 will be the garage windows, and the outside windows that I can climb on the roof to get.

Day 4 will be the windows that I need a ladder and Car-man to reach (he wrangles the ladder and spots me).

How do I get sparkling windows without any window cleaner spray?  Well, last year, we swapped out a sliding patio door for a double french door, and I applied a privacy window film.  That’s when I learned how to clean a window properly.

You will need a spray bottle with about 98% water and 2% soap (a full bottle of water and a teaspoon of soap), plus 3 cloths; a soaped one, a damp one, and a dry one.

  1. Spray the window, or glass, or mirror, with the water/soap mix.  Wipe the mixture all over the window with a cloth – keep wiping until the glass feels clean, use more spray if it becomes too dry.  This cloth is now the soaped cloth.
  2. Wipe the glass with the damp cloth.
  3. Wipe the glass with the dry cloth.
  4. Move to the next window and use the cloths in the same order; soaped, damp, dry.

I read that the water breaks the static bond that holds dirt to the glass, the addition of the soap helps to keep the dirt from redepositing on the glass, and it gets caught on the cloth fibers.  I’m sure paper towels would work too.

Looked the same

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this; but I forgot which car I drove.

My car was in for an oil change.  I had car-man’s car (it’s quick, fast, and alert).  I went to the grocery store, and parked, as always, near the cart return.  I’m not worried about the walk; just how far the cart return is from the car.  Hence, I walk a lot – and it’s good for me.

Before I start – in my defense, it was a long list.

With a full mini-cart, I was done and walked back to the cart return.  I estimated that everything would fit in the rear seat area (easier to unpack from, when I’m back home). So, I pulled out my remote and unlocked the door as I approached.

“Beep, beep!”

No luck, the rear passenger door didn’t open.

So, I beeped again.

Nope.  Stupid remote.  I tried again…

That’s when, in my frustration, I noticed the door handle wasn’t the same.  Neither was the logo on the tires.  I was at a HONDA!!!

Same color, same body style… (copy cats!!).

And I could hear the chirp from Car-man’s car which was parked right beside the Honda.

Sadly, it took 3 tries before I realized my error.

Eventually, and with some embarrassment, I moved to the next car and got in.  Which, oddly, was unlocked and waiting, and, the key FIT!


Teaching Swallows to drink.

I was lucky enough to watch several families of swallows teach their young ones how to drink from a swimming pool – it was alarming, stressful, and amazing!

The adults line up so they have the longest length of the swimming pool in front of them, then they skim along the surface and dip their bills in; they leave a sharp ‘V’ shaped wake.

The little ones?  No.  They make splashes, big sprays of water, and choppy drops into the pool.  It was so alarming to watch that I propped the door open and had the pool net leaning against the wall.  Happily, it was never needed.

After 20 minutes or so, the little ones were no longer making the big splashy crashes, and looked well on their way to mastering the fly & drink.

Here are a few pics from the web (not my pics) –

Image result for swallows drink pool

Image result for swallows drink pool


I was at Walmart with Banana-man, ready to checkout.  I sent him off to get a coffee and wait while I went through the line.

I passed by the self-checkout because I don’t like them; the screens ask too many questions (coupon?, cash?, debit card?, etc.) the scanners deafen you with their screechy beeps, and the bagging weigh scale table nags and nags (put item in bag, take item out of bag, too many items in bag).

Luckily, a cashier waved me over, so I followed her to her till.  She helped me put everything on the conveyor belt, then walked away.

Really, far away; off to flag down another unsuspecting ‘guest’.

She’d taken me to a self-checkout till.  It was a cashier style till, but with a self scanner in place of where the cashier used to stand.

I was quite unhappy.

The flat of water I’d bought scanned without issue, but didn’t fit on the weigh-scale bagging spinning thingy, and the scanner wouldn’t accept another item until it was resolved.  I balanced the flat of water between the two skinny wire bag holders and continued to the second flat of water …

… because my cart had been emptied onto the conveyor belt by the deceptive, ever smiling, fake cashier.

I will not trust another cashier who waves me over.

Walmart will not see me again after Banana-man leaves.

Laundry Day

It’ll be a long day 🙂

And, then I get to have pancakes for dinner!!

Running a RED

Image result for black suv  Seeing this scream right in front of me as I was passing through an intersection was terrifying – I’m so glad Car-man knows how to install brakes correctly; his car stopped ‘on a dime’ when I jammed the brake to the floor.  I’m also glad the seat-belts worked.

As for the driver of the black SUV that decided HE was in a hurry and that a stupid red-light meant nothing – I hope you pooped in your pants.