Banana Man

So, you know my Dad’s here.  He has diabetes, so no yellow bananas (too much sugar), he told me that.

But, he loves bananas.

We run out of bananas about every 4 days ‘cuz you can’t buy a bunch, they go YELLOW.  I have 4 grocery stores within 10 minutes of the house (we live near a highway).  When we run out, I start with store #1, then go on to #2, (you get the idea) until I find green bananas.

Sadly, by store #4 I still had not found green ones, lots and lots of yellow, but no green.  That’s just what happens some times.  So he had oatmeal without the banana.

Then we went to WalMart (our daily excursion). 

They had YELLOW bananas, not the just turning yellow, or the slightly greenish-yellow, but brilliant “come hither” yellow with traces of enhancing brown. 

He put a bunch in the cart.

“You can’t have those.”

“Yes I can.”

“They’re yellow!”

“Banana’s are good for me.  I’m having these bananas.”

“No.  You’re not.”

The Greeter intervened; that’s how much of a fuss we were making.  She had extensive Senior-training, it was clear; the banana’s were swapped with potato salad, Dad was happy.

Who knew?  I sure didn’t see that compromise.  I’m in awe.


One Response to “Banana Man”

  1. Meg Says:

    This just makes me laugh!

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