Back from Disney

So sad to leave Disney – it’s way too much fun!

The girls were great itinerary planners and we did everything on their ‘must do and see’ list, as well as their ‘would like to do and see’, and were working happily on the ‘whatever we come across next’ sub-plan when we had to go home.

It rained.

For the first 4 days, of our 5.

Miss Grandma purchased rain poncho’s for everyone $60 (WOW, eye-popping expensive) but we appreciated the quality after day 3 because we didn’t have to repurchase. 

Happily all that rain kept ‘others’ away from the Park so we got on every ride fast.  And, that was FUN!

The Girls wanted to go swimming every day, which worked sometimes but not always.  The fun stuff is often the unexpected stuff so several times the girls got to swim with a family, or three of ducks.  The LifeGuards cautioned the swimmers to stay away from the nervous pairs, and everyone did. 

I’ll add more later, especially since I can’t talk now – really, no voice, it’s gone.  Typing is all I can do…

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