Little eyes, two crayons and a piece of paper towel

Stuff like this just amazes me; a quick stop at the Flamingo site at Disney and Giggles comes up with this.

She’s remembered the black banding on the adult Flamingo’s wings (rendered in blue).  As well, the curious inside bend of the knee (opposite ours); this bird is standing on one leg, the other is tucked up with the knee exposed out the back, just like in life.  I told her about the raised mud nest and the one – two eggs laid.

The best part? 

The farting.

The bird’s call sounds like a loud brash fart.  We just happened to be there when they all called to each other, each head lifting from the tucked sleeping position to call, or fart, then the retuck when nothing was amiss. 

Giggles just couldn’t stop; she loved the farting birds.


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