This time last year…

We were in the driveway sharing the morning coffee and remembering what it was like for us last year.

First – No Water. We were having the galvanized steel pipes (water service) pulled out of the house and replaced with PEX (the Engle Method, don’t buy ANY OTHER). The process took about 3 weeks. The good part is the new water lines pressure tested positive the first time – No leaks, no repairs.

Second – I got to do all our washing in this little red bucket. That was the breakfast dishes, lunch stuff and dinner cutlery (we microwaved frozen dinners for 3 months straight). As well as paint brushes, drywall tools, hands and the occasional muddy dog.

Third – The pool was being replastered (we hired that out).

Fourth – We were driving HARD to a February 24th stop, because my Dad was coming for the Alamo Celebrations, we had to be out of the Condo, we HAD to be in the house. Those last three weeks were the hardest but we made it; house painted, flooring down, condo move was done on the Friday night, Dad arrived Saturday afternoon, we left for the Alamo about 3 hours later…


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