I got stuck in traffic today, on my way home from the Cool Club (aka the Book Club). 

Yep, stuck good.  At least 12 minutes (6 cycles of the lights).

No, it wasn’t an accident.  Guess again…

No, it wasn’t a bad, slow driver all confused at the colored lights and broad intersection.  Try again…

No, the beer truck didn’t tip over.

It’s Rodeo time in Houston.  I got to sit at the head of the line and watch 3 Trail Rider Groups head south, complete with Police escort.  It was really exciting!  I loved it. 

Two of the covered wagons looked really good, one was smoking away with dinner – it smelled awesome.  The third covered wagon, actually the second one, was tattered.  How’d that happen?  The canvas cover was flapping aimlessly and the spines holding it up were oddly twisted, yet the wagon looked perfect…

I respect those Trail Riders, it’s a tough 10 day ride and they often stay ‘under the stars’ until they get into the city.  I thought I’d honk and wave madly, but realized it might spook the horses.  So, if any of you are off to the Rodeo – send my best and happiest wishes to those brave riders; it was a great treat watching them head south.


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