No burst pipes

Glad to say that we didn’t have any trouble with the 4 hard freezes we had down here.  However, lots of other people did.  The Plumber that repiped our house last year stopped by to ‘chat’.  Chat?  Since when?

It turns out that he wasn’t by just to ‘chat’, but rather to check out how our new pipes fared during the freezes.  Why was he at our door 3 weeks after the last event?  Because it took him that long to clear his docket of all his “Help! My pipes are frozen/burst” calls from Other people.

But not us.

And, why was he shy about asking?

Because every other door he’d knocked on, had opened to anxious, stressed out, panicked people.  He was a bit ‘gun shy’ by the time he got around to calling on us – and we HAD NOT CALLED.

Yep, gotta love that PEX. 

But not too much, you can put a nail through that stuff easily…

Not that we’ve done that.  Yet.


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