Good Weekend

The Bar’s almost back together – we forgot to add time for the paint to dry so the job took the weekend.  I’m to look at the cost of granite for the countertops but only if it is really, very cheap.  It’ll be remnants so, I’m hoping to get a deal.

Car was only looked at this weekend – very sad.  It’s covered in sawdust from Car-man’s cabinetry making.

We had the car parked on the driveway so we could lay all the wood in the garage (no rain there).

So, sorry still haven’t used the pressure washer but we’re anxious to get it out!

The Annuals went in, the dogs helped ‘water’ them in and got a rousing yell from me which they pointedly ignored.  It looks like I’m going to have to fence in the strawberries or ‘organic’ will earn a nasty reputation.

Hope everyone had a fun weekend too. 

Congratulations Light-Riot for making it to the Provincial’s; YEAH!!


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