Yellow, yellow, everywhere I look

Spring time!  The Everything is covered in Yellow Pollen from the Pine trees that predominate our area.  It gives an odd yellow tinge to everything outside of the home; cars, roadways, plants, lawn furniture and things that don’t shake it off.

I tried to get a picture of the yellow-slick across our pool, but it just wouldn’t come out (better camera? or better photographer?).  I’ve had to settle with the grey stone work around the pool, dusted in yellow.  If it helps, imagine the pool like a big bathtub with a yellow ring around the tub…

Also, here is a picture of Tiger-dog inspecting the latest bag on its way into the house.  I’d been careful to pull the steaks out before pulling into the driveway.  However, as you can see from the photo, it aroused her full attentions.  I was able to sneak the meat into the house as she was busy with the bag but had to untangle her feet from the loops when I returned back for the other bags.

Bag Inspection


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