This morning was warm; we hardly needed a jacket for our morning coffee.

We chatted about our day’s plan. First, we’d look for tile as the granite quote for the bar counter came in at $1,030 and we are sure we can tile for under $300 – for the most extravagant tile choice out there. Next, it was gardening which never stops and he was going to work on the car.  Settled, we started our morning routine and eventually left for the tile place.

The wind changed directions while we were in there and we exited to cold, pouring rain. “Looks like you won’t be weeding,” he commented once we were in the car. The nice thing about weeds is they always wait. They grow, spread and reproduce, but don’t really move around all that much.

By mid-afternoon, I was dressed in my down vest with a polar fleece hoodie. Inside the house.

I looked at the outside thermometer that Car-man installed for me as my Christmas gift; 40f. I debated, heater? or just wait it out? I put on another jacket, I was going to wait it out. The forecast high for tomorrow was 50f, it shook my decision.

Car-man stops at my desk, “I’m cold, I’m going to turn on the heater.”

“No way. I’m fine, just put on a jacket.” We didn’t want to spend the money if we didn’t have too.  He walks away.

“Hey, come back and look at me.”  I demand.

He does, laughs and then walks up the stairs to the thermostat and turns it on.  “It’s 60f.”  He calls down as the heater kicks on.

I love that Car-man.


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