Most un-duck like duck

I was waiting at an intersection for a green light, when a duck swooped through the intersection and landed on a thick cable line.  I expect this of pigeons, starlings and grackles, but not ducks.  Their webbed feet just don’t seem right for gripping cable lines and such. 

To make matters even more curious, the duck was not alone.  It had joined two other ducks on that same line and yes, the line was looking rather strained.

My light was still red, so I looked around.  Those three ducks were looking up into a pine tree and sure enough there was a pair of ducks resting high up  The muted female was tucked into the nook of the limb where it met the trunk, she was looking happy.  Her male, was standing protectively just a foot or so from her, with clear access to accost any intruder.  He was hollering at the three ducks on the cable line and looking dangerous.

It was all so un-duck like.  

When I got home I promptly googled tree duck and found this on wiki –  They DO whistle and they also nest in trees, so I didn’t imagine the whole thing …


2 Responses to “Most un-duck like duck”

  1. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Isn’t it nice to know that sometimes we aren’t as crazy as we think we are? LOL!

    Kewl, on seeing whistling ducks. I saw a pair of wood ducks and 3 hooded mergansers-one female and two males, at our favorite fishing spot last year.

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