Bird Song

Car-man and I were sitting out this morning enjoying our morning coffee (around 7:00 a.m.).  We were dressed in our heavy jackets, which progressively ended up hung on the back of the lawn chair as the sun warmed us. 

It was a particularly bird-busy morning and we got to see the red-bellied woodpecker (it actually has a red head, I’ve never gotten the chance to flip one over to see if it’s belly is red).  Anyway, it landed on our popular telephone pole, smelled duck and left.  It returned a few minutes later, rasped out a call, drilled a few seconds, still couldn’t stand the smell of duck and left.

The mocking-bird sang from the neighbours roof top, something he does every morning, but he varied the song quite a bit for the ladies.  We listened to his rendition of a cardinal (his was a lower pitch), a blue jay (a higher pitch), something that sounded like a lawn mower, followed immediately by a leaf blower.  As near as we could tell, he hadn’t taken in a breath for the entire serenade.

Lets see, we also had the robin, the cardinals who favor the Red Bud tree (very showy at this time of year; a blaze of purple), and little finches that twitter and flit about nervously.

The ducks didn’t show up, they were busy elsewhere chasing squirrels out of the trees.

Car-man came home for lunch and told me the geese were busy eating our neighbours newly planted flower bed.  He’d chased them off, but they only hissed at him and wagged their tails angrily.  (You don’t mess with a goose, their nip will tear off a chunk of skin and their wings will turn you black and blue.)


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