Fund Raising

Last night was lots and lots of fun!

We went out to an Epilepsy fund-raiser – had fabulous company, excellent food, lovely wine and for me, a ‘senior’s moment.’

Yep, sad but true. 

We knew most of the people there and when we came in, someone introduced me to a person that I already knew, but forgot.  ‘Hi!’  I offered my hand.  The shake took place and I was off to the next person.  It was busy, I gave no further thought…

When we left, I was being polite and saying “good night’ to everyone and when I got to that same person, they surprised me by reaching for a hug.  So, I hugged back and said “It was nice meeting you,” and smiled.

On the way home in the car, I asked Car-man, “Who was the guy with the goatee?”

It was someone I’d known for 2 years, met his wife often, played with their daughter, just saw them last month at a pizza dinner (with just 6 adults and loads of kids) and no, the goatee wasn’t new, he’s had it for at least 2 years.

I am an idiot.


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