Ain’t no bird dog

As I sit here typing this short note out, Tiger-dog is on the patio licking up the bird seed that I threw out there.

She’s outside because she made a huge mess inside.

I was out power washing the driveway, Car-man was installing the extended foot box in the Cobra.  He popped into the house for a moment and walked past Sparkle-dog cowering under the kitchen desk.  His intuition triggered an alarm and he didn’t have to look far. 

Tiger-dog was in the little sun room, where I keep my desk.  She’d pulled down all the papers, books and bills from the side table; shoved the basket, all our receipts for the month and a few gifts ‘to be mailed’ off the top and had managed to climb up and reach the bird seed bag.  Which, as you will have already guessed – hit the floor and scattered.

It wasn’t as though she was hungry.

She’d just finished a dinosaur sized breakfast; a special Sunday treat from Car-man.  There were two bowls of kibble in the dog buffet line, two different flavors of course – choice is important.  And, I’d shared my morning madeleines with them.  So really, hunger shouldn’t have been there. 

Yet, she’s outside right this moment licking up the bird seed with the gusto of a Hoover.

Personally, I’m all in support of her new weight loss diet efforts – bird seed is considerably cheaper than the organic kibble we’ve been supplying.  It’s just embarrassing to explain that your big, muscle-bound bouncer of a dog actually ‘eats like a bird’.


2 Responses to “Ain’t no bird dog”

  1. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Careful of her eating the bird seed because, if nothing else, it might make her sick and that’s nasty to clean up believe me. Malcolm (the old male) used to clean up beneath the bird feeders and then he’d ome in and toss his cookies. YUCK.

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