Epilepsy Walk

Turtles are everywhere.  We’ve been walking them across the road to the lake and we’re hoping the hatchlings are all hatched out because we’re wearing a pathway in the grass.

Tomorrow is the wake before dawn Epilepsy Walk.  This year we’ll be better prepared, we’re packing jackets, blankies, shorts, umbrellas, snow shoes and a camel.  

Last year’s walk was a frigid-Arctic-Glacier experience.  We’d gone to bed with the A/C running (that’s how hot the week had been, we needed night-time A/C) woke in the morning before dawn, jumped into the car, which was in a hot garage, and drove to the Walk.  We got out of the car and froze the hair off our legs. 

We weren’t the only ones.  All the early arrivals were tight in their cars, engines running, heaters blasting.  The late arrivals stepped out in full winter gear.  At the start of the walk, the ‘shorts wearing contingent’ ran the 1 mile course, leapt into their cars and drove to the nearest Starbucks Drive-thru.  The ‘winter-clothed’ latecomers enjoyed a slightly slower pace, gathered for the group photo and then went to Starbucks.

Since we learn from our experiences, Car-man has also tied the canoe to our SUV. 

“Honey, we don’t need that.”

“Heah? Didn’t you say something like that last year?”

He had a good point so I walked around the other side of the car, “throw me the rope Honey…”


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