Play, play all day!

My iPhone’s here – THANK YOU Car-man!!!

It’s taken a whole pile of time setting it up, downloading the music and pictures.  The Apps, that I very carefully researched yesterday are loaded and I’m going to upgrade two of them to the ‘purchased’ versions (I tried the ‘free’ versions first to see if I liked them).

I also picked up those iTunes cards from Starbucks, OK I’ve been doing that for a while; but now I can download the tunes!

My first Text went to MissM, but I hadn’t configured something right, so her response only arrived this morning.  Learn, learn and learn some more.

And, it’s book club day!

So much fun – how do I manage it all?


4 Responses to “Play, play all day!”

  1. Meg Says:

    I am SOOO jealous!!!

    The text was strange – it was like it was from your phone number with email address ie

    Wierd! But thanks for making me your first text!!!

    • hubbaloo Says:

      It’s taking me HOURS inputting in my phone numbers. My music hogged 1/2 the memory, the pictures 1/4 – Man, I’m worried about running out before I have the numbers all in. AND, I still have to set up my account so you can SEE it’s me and not 7463277…

      • Meg Says:

        I’m excited for you because you get to play with it!

        You’ll have lots of room left – and I find that I don’t listen to many of the songs I have on my ipod anywyas, so you’ll probably be abl to whttile them down too. Same for pictures I found too. There were always the pictures that I regularly wanted to see, and then the ones I wanted to skim over. For instance, you can have Car-Man pictures there, but who really wants to see pictures of less good looking things??

        An fun app though – paper toss. and its free! Who knew tossing paper balls into a basket could be so much fun?!

      • hubbaloo Says:

        Paper toss? How do you know about apps? And, can you recommend more?

        You’re probably right on the pics and music, I ported everthing over, and I’ll need time to winnow down the choices (who needs 99 pictures of a dead rat on my driveway? One will do.)

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