Leopard Moth

Sparkle-dog was yelling threats and obscenities at the new dogs next door, so I went into the mosquito infested depths of our yard to hustle her back into the house.   As I’m braving this bloody area (or the pint an hour donation center), I spot white ‘crud’ on the brick and file it for further investigation.

With little-Miss-foul-mouth stuck back in the house and me doused in generous amounts of bug spray, I take a 1″ drywall blade, a damp paper towel and hike back to the spot the clean the ‘crud’ off the brick. 

My Pic - Leopard Moth, 3 inches long, sleeping...

When I get there, I am stunned with the beauty of the ‘crud’ and stand there for a few minutes marvelling at it. 

My picture is bad, so is the best internet one I could find. 

It’s so much better in person; the absolute white, the deep electric blue, the crisp black ovals, the luminescence of the wings – I wanted to take it to show everyone and then realized if I did, that would be one less Leopard Moth to carry on the genes and those genes are worth saving.

Here is the best internet picture I could find, it shows the blue better than my image;

Copyright © 2006 john and jane balaban


One Response to “Leopard Moth”

  1. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Aren’t you glad something made you go ‘clean up the crud’ and you got to see such a lovely creature?

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