Always questioning

When Car-man and I first married, he was curious – “Why do you do that?” – was the most often asked question.

It wasn’t that he was challenging what I was doing, he was trying to understand; after 18 years he’s still trying; I do odd things.

For instance; He arrived home this evening to find his shoes on the washing machine, again.  He hadn’t asked about them all weekend long, preferring to just lift them down, slip is feet in and go work on the cobra.

Today however he had time to ask, “Why do you keep putting my shoes on the washing machine?”

I was busy with dinner and forgot to answer, because someone was YELLING at me to get the food to the table – if you guessed Tiger-dog, you’d be right. 

We’ve tried to break her of this habit, rather I have, but it doesn’t work that way so she BARKS.  “Careful!”, “Don’t trip!”, “Rug!”, “Use BOTH hands!”.

She wouldn’t think to bark at almost any other time (except if there’s a chicken clucking on TV), but when food is at risk she is such a fuss-pot and raises the alarm.

Anyway, one thing led to another, the day is over and I never answered Car-man.  Communication is the key to understanding and sometimes a picture is faster than trying to explain. .

For those who don’t have dogs, the licking is a prelude to the chew


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