Working this weekend

On Rocks.

And, I’m not really working on them this weekend, rather I hope to be finished by the weekend.  It’s HARD work.

This is the wall I put in last year.  It’s actually a dry-stack (no mortar) retaining wall with 4 courses below the ground.  Since this was my first wall EVER, I’m particularly proud that it has made it a full year without shifting, falling over or coming undone.   We decided on a dry-stack wall because the pool pipes run under it in several places and that construction allowed us to dismantle the wall whenever we needed to.  So far, no need but we could.

My second exploration into stone work is for a fence, well not a stone fence, but a stone liner for a fence.  It’s purpose is to thwart the dogs digging under it.  The stone selection was very careful; I spent quite a bit of time at the stone yard juggling price, a size I could manage and a size dogs couldn’t move easily.  We ended up with a stone for $0.09/pound, enough for 140 running feet of fence and delivery for a total of $180.  Yes, we could have gone with wood, but that would need replacing after a few years and I’m lazy and knew I’d never get around to doing it a second, third and fourth time.   Besides, rocks are flexible, I can lay them around obstructions.

Testing is a great way of understanding if something is going to work without having to fully commit; so I let the dogs out.  It took only a moment to discover the rocks in the test area, feedback from their feet alerted them to the no-dig zone and they moved on.  In my estimation, that’s a succesful test.

So, anyone have time this weekend?


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