Bodywork begins

The innerds of the Cobra are all done; the engine roars like a dragon, the gas pedal works with gusto and the brakes stop the whole show.

There are no seats, seat belts, shifter, steering wheel or rollbars. They’ve all come out for the upholstery work which is now going on in the room above the garage. The ventilation is very good up there and the fabric and carpeting can be laid out properly – without dog assistance.

So, Car-man is taking the ‘down’ time to work on the fiberglass body. It’ll take a while as it’s all done after work and it’s time consuming digging out all the seams, filling them with the high-strength filler and then sanding. Endless sanding.

This is the third pass at the right back end, he’s just finished the red primer runs and is applying the black layer. Just so you know, red is the rough work, black is the finish work. There’s no reason for the color difference other than personal choice; this lets Car-man know at a glance the progress.


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