Ahhh, a fluffy bed!

Do you believe in reincarnation?
Sometimes I do, especially when it comes to the doggies. They just seem to be so knowing; as though they’ve experienced life before, as people.
Take Tiger- dog for example; she was a rescue and as best as we could determine she’d started her life in a happy home sleeping on concrete. We know it was a happy home because she’s just silly-happy all the time. We know it was concrete because she had large thick ‘pads’ on her joints, which have all but disappeared (her life being very coushiony soft with us).
So why, with little prior experience in this life, would she recognize the delight of a freshly fluffed feather bed? Tiger-dog fusses with great excitement when I toss the pillows to the floor, her wimpers and whines grow with eagerness as I work to fluff those feathers in both the duvet and the mattress, by the time I’m tucking the new sheets in she’s poised at the ready for the first leap onto the bed.
Car-man didn’t believe me for the first few tellings of the tale, then by chance he was home during the “changing of the sheets ceremony” and was laughing too much to be of any help. Her exuberance startled even him.
“She must have been a Princess in another life.” He chuckled.
I suggested, “if she was, she was the Princess of the Princess and the pea story.”
Her arthritis prevents her from jumping up to the bed now, so Banana-man made her a step stool.
I’m in the habit of pulling the step stool away from the bed when I make it, just so I can get the sheets on before She gets on, truthfully only slows her down.


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