Lazy Lemon Weekends

We have a long weekend here in the south; Car-man is sanding the Cobra to a baby finish in anticipation of painting and Nanoo of the North is spending her idle time baking.

Last week she pulled weeds in my garden untill there were none, so she pulled a few plants to “tidy the edge”. While I was busy with the emergency replanting, she cooled off in the house and scanned some old baking magazines.

All day Saturday she commanded the kitchen and today she presented us with this lemon mousse cake.

It is divine, bright with flavor, light with sugar and so full of air bubbles it floated off the plates and onto our tummies with hardly a trace. We weren’t sure we eaten the first piece so we all had a second and paid greater attention; the cake will not last past tomorrow.

Most delightful of all was Nanoo’s frantic search for her new cell phone, it has a camera, she wanted a picture. Not once did I have to show her how to use the camera, or tell her what button to push. Instead she instructed me on how to hold the knife just right for the photo. After the ‘click’ she wanted to send the image off to her sister, we worked on that for a moment before realizing that “Sis” didn’t have a data plan, voice only.

Understand that Nanoo of the North has just been pushed into the cell phone world, she is a five day old newbee and her Sister is a ten year veteran. “Why doesn’t she have a data plan?” Nanoo demanded. “how can I send this picture then?!”

“I’ll post it. Send her a text and tell her to look.” I replied.


3 Responses to “Lazy Lemon Weekends”

  1. Megs Says:

    I think I may have to succumb and make this… sigh…

    • hubbaloo Says:

      It’s divine – if you don’t like lemon try orange, just reduce the sugar as orange is sweeter than lemon. And, I’ll post the recipe – lots of people are asking for it.

  2. doggonedmysteries Says:

    I’ve only one thing to say…DROOOOOOOL! 😉

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