Back to what I enjoy most

OK, so I’ve got 3 days of ‘me time’. 

What do I do with it?

Well, first thing this morning I used 20 minutes of it scooping worms out of the spa – Yeah! (wild, happy hooting).

As soon as the downpour slows to a saturating dousing, I’ll try to scoop more worms out of the pool.  Yes, my fun never really ends.

I’m also hoping to see the rhino-beetle that’s taken a liking to my garden.  The first time I spotted the holes in the dirt, I thought we had mice, then looked again at the hole diameter and revised that to rats.  While scooping worms this morning I watched a rhino-beetle emerge, struggle across the dirt and drop into another hole (Ah, good, now I don’t have to kill anything; that always makes for a better day.)  This beetle is about the size of a baby’s foot.  It’s HUGE in the beetle world. 

Back to the rain. Yesterday we received our first full cell phone bill; we’d just switched to the iPhones.  The dollar amount was more than what we’d expected and Car-man swiftly spotted the overage, ‘text messaging’ he said, ‘gotta cut down’.  OK, that’s easy.   

This morning during the coffee run at 6 a.m., I come out of the Starbucks with a vente in either hand and wave for Car-man to pick me up.  He doesn’t see me.  Not his fault, I can’t see him either, the rain is that dense.  I wait.

And wait.

Finally, I put the drinks down, dig out the iPhone, and start to text message ‘oops, no!’ I mumble, ‘gotta phone him, it’s cheaper’.  I call, he answers ‘where are you?  I can’t see you!’ and pulls the car up to the curb. 

It’s all of 3 feet from the overhang to the car door, which Car-man has swung open for me, for a fast entry.  3 drenching, saturating, ‘shoulda-wore-a-bathing-suit’ feet.

I’m glad that Nanoo of the North is away, it’ll take the full 3 days for the passenger seat to dry.


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