Chicken Granite

Nanoo of the North is leaving back to the North tomorrow.  I know she’s not looking forward to it because she’s been a bit off her rocker these last 48 hours.

First, she made us fried potatoes; nothing odd there.  However, as they sat glistening with liquid, delicious fat, she decided to sop-up the excess.  How?  By layering two layers of paper towel directly onto the granite countertop and dumping the molten fried potatoes on top.

I was curious.  “What are you doing?”

“Draining the fat.”

“Why don’t we put a plate between the paper towel and the countertop?”  After some discussion, I was allowed to do just that; she got the clean the grease off the countertop.

Second, Nanoo of the North made us chicken dinner.  Naturally, as everyone knows, you rinse the chicken pieces and pat them dry.  Nanoo, inspired by the potato incident laid the rinsed raw chicken onto a paper towel.  Directly on the granite.

Yes, directly on the granite.  

I stammered, shocked and overwhelmed with the impossibility of sterilizing all those microscopic granite fissures.  “What are you doing!”

“Drying the chicken.”  Although, she looked a little surprised with my tone.

“You can’t do that on the countertop!  Put it on a baking sheet or something.”  My voice was pitched almost to hysteria.

Hurt, she just said, “I’ll sit for a minute, you fix the chicken the way you want it.”

I did.  A few minutes later it was layered on fresh paper towelling, layered on a baking sheet. 

She offered to clean the granite.  I agreed.

She used my dish washing sponge…


2 Responses to “Chicken Granite”

  1. doggonedmysteries Says:

    She’s not as bad as my MIL. I’d gladly send her down to you for comparison. The woman is completely bonkers and drives DH up a wall.

  2. Megs Says:

    Guess what’s going in the garbage???!!!

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