Nanoo of the North went home last week.

Car-man knew it would be a difficult time for me so, he pulled apart a room.

“Can you help me move all this stuff out?” 

He can be so vexing at times; couldn’t he see that Nanoo of the North needed help packing?  “Sure.” I grumped and took my end of the treadmill (well over my 40 lb limit).

And so began a week’s worth of work.  Drywall was pulled down and removed, all the nails were pulled, the old wiring inspected and replaced, the insulation replaced and the window replaced. 

Nanoo of the North and Tornado-dog were tossed out at the airport, “Gotta get back and hang drywall!  Love Ya!  Sorry I can’t wait…”

My Sister called, they had a good flight.  Car-man was sanding the drywall, I was manning the vacuum, there was little time to talk or the house would be full of snowy white dust.

Texturing was next.  It’s great for strength training, muscle-building and all that healthy stuff.  Nanoo of the North called, she missed me but texture doesn’t wait, it’ll dry right on the roller.  “Great to hear from you, gotta go but enjoy the walk-through on Monday.”  She was moving into a new place and the pre-delivery inspection was scheduled.

Then Zen, blissful zen; painting.

I miss Nanoo of the North, I miss Tornado-dog. 

I don’t miss kleenex tucked all over the place, under placemats, between cushions, used as page markers, or folded neatly beside bags that are also hoarded and scattered.

I certainly don’t miss having to hop over the doggie gates; Tornado-dog never figured out the ‘potty’ outside rule, or the sleep-all-night one. 

But painting brings it all into focus and lets me remember the important things like two months of time shared, the companionship, the enjoyment of each others company and the preciousness of that.  Nanoo of the North will not be with me all my life; she started sooner so she will finish sooner. 

Car-man is wise and he gave me those selfish months, he also gave me a distraction to help me let go easily and it’s helping.  He knows me so well.


One Response to “Thoughtful”

  1. doggonedmysteries Says:

    So true. Love them while you’ve got them because you really do miss them something awful when they are gone.

    Good for Car-man giving you time to enjoy her and then distractions to lessen the missing of her.

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