The Expendables

We saw the movie.  It was fun, really fun!

I’d checked out the reviews before going and they were mixed; some loved the action, others thought the action was only in the last 30 minutes, most thought the plot was thin, a few declared it to be nothing more than a last hurrah for aging action stars. 

Not us; we were delighted with the steady action, the subtle plot, the sparse dialogue and the pace of the movie. 

I’d never thought Sylvester Stallone was a writer yet the dialogue was delightful, appropriate and tough enough for the characters.  There was only one soul-searching soliloquy, and that was delivered exquisitely, enhanced by Stallone’s filming perspective.  It explains the ‘why’ of a lot of things; Gunners destructive behavior, the teams ennui and the plot – it takes about 2 minutes, so don’t go and get popcorn then.

Stallone was careful to craft action sequences that featured each team member doing what they do best, some with humor, some with intensity and all well-balanced.  He tucks humor into places that you’d not anticipate it and keeps the action running with the plot in a way that is not simple, blatant punch-a-minute fare.

Perhaps the other reviewers were young, used to the thin no-plot action that the Saturday morning cartoons deliver, or perhaps they missed the subtleties of the plot because it was not IN YOUR FACE like most action stories.  They’ll probably never figure out why no one got the girl, why the bad guy was confused, or why Gunner was welcomed back; I did, but then I’m old and a few words of dialogue is enough for me to figure out a lot of things. 

Thank you Sylvester Stallone for writing a subtle, thoughtful, well-balanced action movie and I greatly look forward to the next one.   Just to add more to that support, I will be purchasing the DVD even though I’ve already watched it in the Theaters.

 Link to the Movie Official Site, be patient it has a lot to load;

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One Response to “The Expendables”

  1. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Thanks, I wondered about this movie. It sounds as though I’ll be buying this one. DH can’t sit in a theater.

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