Paint Sprayer Stand

Well, you all know that we’ve been trying our hand at autobody work; spending endless hours priming, sanding and sanding again.

When we first bought the sprayer we thought we didn’t need the stand ($16 added cost). As it turns out, itcwould have been a nice idea. So, to fix that I assembled one from two scraps of wood, three ‘L’ brackets, a plastic quart container with lid and a big clamp. It works great!

The clamp holds the stand in one place, so it doesn’t tip over (it’s not in the picture because the sprayer is not set up for use).

The plastic quart container keeps all the small (cleaned) parts together as well as the cleaning tools (which are tiny) and the spare filters. The lid keeps it all dust free.

When we are done with this part of the job, the entire stand disassembles for storage and reuse as something else (which I like best if all).


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