MS Research

I’d read last year about Dr. Zamboni’s treatment (CCVSI), from a NYC Man who claimed to have been cured.  Being curious, I quickly scanned the article and found that while the Man claimed a cure, the Doctor only claimed to alleviate the symptoms.  I tried to find out more but my efforts fizzled as the articles were all older than the NYC Man’s article.   

Now, it’s back again and this time with legitimate support for research.  I’m curious to see the results of this and I most sincerely hope the clinical trials support the claims.

Here are two links to the recent articles: 

Here is a brief description of the treatment, copied from the article above (article1707560); “The treatment, developed by Italian doctor Paolo Zamboni, involves widening constricted neck veins to improve blood flow from the brain. Mr. Zamboni has hypothesized that poor drainage allows the build-up of blood-borne iron deposits that damage brain cells, leading to MS symptoms.

But researchers say it’s not clear if MS causes blocked veins, if blocked veins cause MS, or if the two are entirely unrelated.”


Here is a link to MS Canada, where the research clinic trials will be taking place;

Here is a link to MS America for further information;


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