Post Office Madness

I was at the Post Office yesterday.  It’s always an experience…

First, a huge thank you to the gentleman who held the door for me and my 21 parcels.  THANK YOU!

Second, the line was 30 minutes of polite quietness which warrants another Thank you, to all those standing there with me. 

Third, the adventure; there were no forms, of course.  But that’s OK, I’d anticipated that and picked up whatever had been scattered around at another Post Office, filled those out (no instructions as to what qualified for which form) and packed.

My turn; some forms were correct, some not.  I re-filled out most of the correct forms but 6 parcels just weren’t right so I returned home with those as it’s hard for me to print through 5 copies, be clear and FAST.  Don’t forget, that line up was 30 minutes, growing longer as I fumbled. 

I dont’ blame the Staff, they are really patient and helpful. 

I blame the bureaucracy; the myriad of forms doubled by on-the-way-out-old-forms and newly-issued-sometimes-in-stock-forms.   None of the forms indicate why you need them (envelope, package, bigger package, domestic, foreign, etc.)   To make it worse, depending on the physical Post Office and the actual Staff Member you get, the forms required change.  I know they are supposed to be standard, but that just doesn’t seem to be my experience… The Post Office Experience.



One Response to “Post Office Madness”

  1. Megs Says:

    mmmmmm Brownies….

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