Busy bath morning

My that bird bath is a busy place.

The Cardinal tried to chase off the Sparrows to no avail and had to splash about in the water with a crowd of onlookers.

Mrs. Cardinal arrived and everyone, including Mr. Cardinal promptly vacated the area.

The Blue Jays had already come and gone, no one bothers them.  Ever.

The Sparrows regained control of the bird bath and engaged in a group bath.  (How can there be any water left at this point?)

The Yellow Finches politely waited, then slipped in while the water was still frothy and warm.

A single patient Nuthatch was last and lingered happily.

My lesson?  Size matters, but can be mitigated with aggression (Blue Jays are large and aggressive).  And, I should really be at my desk every morning as dawn brightens the bird bath up – it’s quite a show.


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