Bought a Razor

Ahh, that WalMart, it has just exactly what everyone needs, including a Banana-man priced razor ($29).  Cordless, rechargeable vs battery, 3 pivoting heads, it’s perfect.

He was so excited that he unwrapped it, unplasticked it, and promptly tried to shave. 

It didn’t work.

But, he’s a problem solver and soon discovered a fine plastic cover over the pivoting heads, once removed he got that satisfying crackle sound as the stubble was gobbled up.  Tickled with is purchase, he’s put it away for when the blades fail on his current one – blades are more expensive than replacing the entire razor, or so he tells me. 

He’s trying to determine if all the Y-chromosomes in his family would need a new Razor for Christmas.  

This is your notice – speak up now, or you will all be getting a $29 Razor, unwrapped and pretested, for Christmas.


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