Oops, more cold…

We are the only house, possibly in all of our neighbourhood to be running the Air Conditioners. 



Everyone else is happily heating their homes to a comfy 70F but ours is hosting a couple from the FAR NORTH, so it needs to be COLDER.

“We didn’t sleep last night, it’s too hot,”  They claim.

“Perhaps it’s the coffees you drank last night before going to bed.”  I counter.

“Nope, it’s not that.  I’ve drinken coffee all my life so I know it’s not that.”  They oppose.

“Well then, what about that espresso?”  I know I’ll never win the coffee argument, but I try.

“That small thing?”  They reply, for it did come in a little, tiny cup.  “I dont’ think so,”  They shake their head, then more firmly repeat their demand, “Can you turn up the Air Conditioning?”

We already tried opening the windows, but it just isn’t cold enough outside.

“Sure.”  I sigh; I’m already wearing slippers, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt plus a fleece pullover, even the dogs need blankets but I will cool the house even more…


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