14 minutes old

“Where’s the iPad?”  Car-man asks.

“Your Mother has it.”  I reply.

She’s a junkie.  She can’t get enough.  It does everything.

Just 2 weeks ago, the newspaper was her ‘fix’.  She paid extra for the early morning delivery; 5:30 a.m. it was at her door.  The delivery man didn’t even need to pop it in her mailbox, she would wait by the kitchen window for the car to drive up, then open the door.  The newspaper may have still been warm from the presses.

 Her home City is under snow, lots of it.  All day yesterday she’d check the iPad for updates between puzzles, Sudoku, and whatever else caught her fancy. Car-man showed her the date/time publishing line for the internet articles so she could select the most current posts.  We are just now realizing that may have been a mistake.

“This one is 14 minutes old!”  She cooed, “You should see all the snow…”


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