Not Much

OK, things are quiet here. 

We’re expecting a long, hard freeze so I’ll lose all the plants that I replaced last Spring even though they are freeze rated.  I have to keep the pool running, so the pipes in the ground don’t freeze.  The fountains will freeze over, leaving the birds nothing to drink (I’ll try to add warm water every morning).

I’m not really worried about the effects of the freeze, we can manage with just a little preparation.  It’s the Sun-belt drivers I’m worried about.  These people stuff palm trees and tropical flowers into their gardens, they don’t have a clue how to drive on ice; black-ice.

Five full days of this, and I know I’ll have to go out for something.  I know how to drive in snow and ice, but I’ll probably have my guests drive – I’m out of practice (2 years), they’re still fresh (1 month).  Their city was already snow bound and ice covered in September, so they’ve actually been practicing for 3 months and they’re awfully good at it.

Sadly, they will be the only car drivers on the road that know.

It’ll be ‘bumper cars’ for the first 24 hours…


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