Dire, dire, dire.

We’re holed up in the house.

We’re not going out.

We live in the south, our roads are all coated in ice.  We know how to deal with ice in our drinks, but not on our roads.

This morning’s Traffic report said the City has closed the roads, the bridges, the overpasses.  There are more accidents than they can tally.

The Traffic Reporter, said “Don’t go out unless it’s a dire, dire, dire emergency.”

Not just an emergency, not just a dire emergency.  No, the roads are so unsafe even those reasons aren’t enough to risk your life (which you are).

Not even a dire, dire emergency.  Our Emergency crew are already overwhelmed, when they leave the call they are currently at, they have a dozen more before they can get to you.

Nope, it’s now upgraded to a dire, dire, dire emergency.  That’s 3 dires, that’s the max, there’s no higher rating than 3 dires.


People are still getting into their cars and using the roads…


2 Responses to “Dire, dire, dire.”

  1. doggonedmysteries Says:

    And you were telling me how you’d rather have ice than mud? I want mud we’ve had entirely too much ice and snow up here in the north east… Hug the pups for me! 😉

    • hubbaloo Says:

      We will have to agree on not agreeing, but differences make life interesting. On another note, I love the trains too. We have a track 2 miles away and when the night is quiet and the wind is right, we get the soft woo-woooo as one passes – it’s magical 🙂

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