Rice, salt

“You know.”   Pause for eye contact, “You should put rice in the salt shaker so it’ll shake out.”  FIL directs. 

“Is the salt not coming out?” I’m surprised; he has a terrible salt habit and I’m refilling that shaker every 4 days.

“Right now it is.”

“Then, what’s your point?”

He sighs his beleaguered sigh, “That you should have rice in the shaker.” 

I press onward, “It’s working just fine without the rice.”

“It’ll stick together and you’ll get clumps.”  He counters knowingly.

“Are you having problems with it?”  I circle the argument back.

“Not yet.” He adds the stare for firmness.

I’m immune.  “Then why don’t we wait until there is a problem.”

“It’ll be too late then.”  He condemns as he leaves to sit in the living room.  

I add salt to the grocery list on the fridge.


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