The Horror

You can’t see me, but I’m cringing. 

It’s about the sleeping accommodations, at the Alamo.

I booked on a ‘great deal’ website and got a great price, I’m happy; rather I was.

My call today, to confirm the accommodation, sent shivers of horror down my spine.  “Huh?  A double bed?  Aren’t there two in the room?” 

“No Ma’am.”

Silent panic. 


I clutch myself together and grasp for straws; “Any way I can change to any solution that gets me two beds?  Like a roll-away cot, pull out couch, two queens?”

“No Ma’am, we’re fully booked with all bed options also fully booked.”

I’m numb as I hang up.  He’s delightful company, but he’s also smelly, noisy and leaky.

Smelly, for 2 nights, I was prepared for that.

Noisy, for 2 nights, yeah, for that too.

But not leaky, no way, there’s just NO WAY I’m sharing a double bed with him.

I’m horrified. 

Yet I know, my gorgeous Nephew is laughing with gut splitting, muscle aching, tear inducing guffaws.  Quite justified, as he was the only one with enough courage to spend 3 weeks with Banana-man reliving his WWII Tour of Duty through Europe, with their itty-bitty, 30-year-old-single-beds, no-bathrooms-on-this-floor, smoke-stenched rooms.  Yeah, he’s laughing…


One Response to “The Horror”

  1. Megan Says:

    Can I recommend bringing an air mattress?!!

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