Happy EASTER! Gotta clean up.

It’s Easter.  We have two dogs.  Chocolate is toxic for dogs, so I though – Chicken Jerky!  I am so smart.

I hid little chunks of Chicken jerky around the living room; on the floor, tucked beside a chair leg, slipped under their dog pillows, stuffed in their toy box, and one special treat each on their own favorite chair.

Then Car-man let them out of the bedroom, showed them one treat each, with a “What’s this?” and off they went – with unexpected ENTHUSIASM. 

Wild, energetic ABANDON.

Chair knocking over, pillow tossing, blinding eating speed, intensely focused consumption, PASSIONATE RIOTING.

I was in shock – they were oblivious to any distraction and blunt forced their way to the next treat.  The coffee table was shoved aside (it’s heavy and not easily moved).  The 3 seater couch shuddered into a new position and one of our chairs started tipping backwards until a hand steadied it.  And, ‘poof‘ it was over.

Two dogs bounced wildly by our feet, “MORE! MORE!”

Car-man spoke softly, “I don’t think we should do that again…”

“No, no, we shouldn’t.”  I agreed weakly.

He turned to the kitchen, the dogs beat him in anticipating more treats – sliding across the tile, slamming into the kitchen table and chairs, legs blurring to get to those hoped for chicken jerky tidbits…


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