Serrano Pepper Burn

Yesterday I made the Piri Piri Chicken Meal from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Meals In Minutes’, pg 120.

The meal was FABULOUS! I’d highly recommend it; the heat of the chicken married really well with the feta-sweet potatoes (surprisingly tasty) and that dessert was soothing and cooling. However, I should have been able to serve the 4 course meal 30 minutes after I started it. Nope. Not-a-chance.

I started at 4, and finished at 6. None of the extra time was Jamie’s fault – mine entirely.

The chicken thighs needed de-boning, the Piri Piri sauce dripped from the blender to the roaster and the Serrano peppers needed de-seeding.

I managed to de-bone the thighs in about 20 minutes, Jamie would have taken 4 minutes – being a professional and all.

The Piri Piri sauce clean up took at least 30 minutes for two reasons; first it had oil and hot peppers so I had to de-grease after the soapy-water clean up and second, I had to fend off the dogs from helping me and from licking up the dribbles.

As for those Serrano peppers, man-oh-man were and are they ever a problem! Used to be when I was younger peppers were nothing to think about, ‘bring on the heat’ I’d challenge and was never impressed. Now, in the course of a few brief years my immunity has gone, disappeared, vanished. I’d seeded those Serrano’s by hand, running my thumb nail down the insides to effortlessly clean them out, then speedily minced them. After dinner, as I was washing up the dishes the burn started. It took me a few moments to realize what was happening; it was such a new sensation.

I looked up remedies on the Internet, by 8:00 p.m. I’d tried them all including soaking my pepper-seeding hand in sour cream. Nothing. I went to bed with my hand burning.

This morning, my fingernail beds are burning, still.

Menopause bites.


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