Red Sliders to be precise.

Two in the garage – how did they get in with the doors shut?

One by the pool pumps – walked in under the fence.

Two in the pool – let me just say, in the water they are fast.  I spent 20 minutes with the net walking from one side of the pool to the other to scoop them out.  I’d cross, they’d cross.  We did the dance for 20 minutes.  I was sure they’d tire out, or at least come up for air.  NOPE.  I had to get Car-Man to create a diversion, which he did by just showing up.  The turtles scuttled right into the net…

For all you turtle lovers (I’m a fan too) they were gently deposited in the shade, under the shrubs at the front of the house.  Free to go back to the lake, or free to dig in my flower beds to lay their eggs (which is why they were out of the lake).

Now, to scoop out the frogs.  At least they tire fast.


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