I thought I was protected

I’m a fairly conservative person and try to keep my computer as clean as possible and protected.

I have cookies turned OFF.

I block almost every site.  Yet still, I was getting ‘search specific’ marketing in my e-mail.

Hmm.  Yes, I was being tracked.

Yesterday, Yahoo posted an article on browsing and how you can be monitored, so I read it (sometimes that ‘search specific’ marketing can really help). The article recommended two alternate downloads (DNT+ and Ghostery) that can show me who is doing the tracking, and block them if I choose. I researched each of the two and made my choice – DNT+ (Do Not Track Plus).

Guess who was tracking, monitoring and analysing my searching?
FACEBOOK (unreasonable – I’m not even logged into Facebook!)
Google (reasonable – because ‘searching’ is their business)
Yahoo (unreasonable – I don’t like ‘them’ telling me what news to read)
And a whole pile of Marketing sites.

I’ve blocked them all.

Here is the link to the Yahoo and Digitaltrends Article – so you too can be an informed web surfer;




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