Shower Floor

I’ve pulled up the old (new floor) because water got under the tiles and we were getting mold growth.

I’d used a special mortar that was designed specifically for wet areas (shower floors), as well as sealed the floor. Yet still, water got down and under. Perplexing.

So, I’ve now resloped the floor for a more exaggerated rush of water to the center drain and I will retile shortly – once I make my mind up on the tile floor for the rest of the bathroom. We have two likely contenders now; one a linen pattern in warm tones, the second a speckled pattern in cool tones.

The linen tile looks great with the walls and the Barbie-pink marble tub ($7,000 to swap that out, so it gets to stay). The speckled tile brightens the pink marble and doesn’t quite go with the wall color, but it is in the ‘new’ grey/blue color family that is becoming the next big design wave.

So, what shall I do? Match my existing color grouping? Or, considering that a tile floor isn’t as easy to change as paint, go with the new color family of grey/blue? Thoughts?


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