Car-man’s new chair

Car-man’s been having some back pains, so after a careful check up and observation, we determined it was his office chair that was causing the problem.  Simply; lack of support.

So, it was off for a new one.

He was thoughtful enough to unload and unpack the new chair in the garage.  I only saw the pieces get carried through the house, one by one.

“Come see!”  He called out from his office.

“Wow, very nice!”  I agreed.

Then we both went back to the garage to cut, fold, and sort the debris into the correct recycling bin.


My greatest regret is that I didn’t have the camera ready – for Tiger-dog had discovered the sturdy box and had dragged her garage pillow over to it.  She wasn’t able to get the pillow into the box, she’d left it at the opening and was happily grinning from inside.

This picture is from a minute later, after I went back into the house to fetch the camera.  Car-man, very sweetly, called Tiger-dog out of her new kennel, stuffed the pillow in as far as it would fit, and invited her back.

Tiger-dog is SO happy!


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