Honey do list

Yesterday was a busy day; only two things, but they took a while. Three, I forgot to do one of them…

I grouted the marble floor that I laid in the shower. It was the replacement floor for the tile one that had ‘floor failure’. I’d removed the tile floor, resloped the concrete (waited a full week for it to dry), relaid the new marble 1/2 x 1/2 tiles (waited for that to dry), then regrouted yesterday. I’ll wait until next weekend before resealing, again giving it that really important drying time. Here’s hoping all that solves the water leaking under the tile problem.

Second, and the one I forgot; the door handle between the office and the exercise room flopped uselessly. Car-man had asked me to fix it and I’d forgotten. So, at 11 p.m. last night he was fixing that door handle. Why at 11 p.m.? Because if we can’t close the door then Tiger-dog sleeps in the office, which isn’t a bad thing, except she doesn’t bark at the backyard door to go outside and pees on the door rug (indoor/outdoor mat, bought just for that issue, it washes clean with a garden hose). However, if she’s in the bedroom with the pack, she always barks. Go figure that one out and tell us, because we’ve never sorted it out.

Third, the garage door opener broke. Car-man diagnosed it as a stripped gear and went in search of a new one. 4 Hardware stores later, he arrived back home and ordered the part off the internet. For now, it’s a manual door.

And, happily, rain! Yeah, again! Another 3 feet and we will be off water rationing (which for us is twice the cost of water normally, to encourage conserving). More rain please…


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