You need a HEARING AID

Not everyone – just Banana-man.

It seems to be a point of pride on his side, a point of foolishness on mine. I simply can no longer talk to him over the phone. He can not hear what I say, he replies, quite happily to what he thinks I may have said.

“Hey, I called to ask for your help with the garage door, it won’t open.” I say.

“No, I haven’t run a garage since the 90’s, but it was a great business to be in. Why, you thinking of opening a Garage? You couldn’t do it, but Car-man, he could.” Banana-man replies.

So, I yell into the phone, “THE DOOR OPENER IS GRINDING.”

Banana-man launches into a detailed monologue of the weather; past, current, and future.

I sigh and give up, he chats, I make noises, he doesn’t seem to notice.

Eventually, all chatted out he say’s “Bye! It was great talking with you!”


“Sure, I’ll call you on the weekend!” Banana-man hangs up, happy in la-la-land, content that we’ve ‘shared’ some meaningful time.


2 Responses to “You need a HEARING AID”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This definitely made me LAUGh!!!

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