Bye-Bye Sparkle-dog

Happy smile.

What to say?  I can hardly type and the screen is blurry with my tears.

We love you Sparkle-dog, enjoy Doggy Heaven.

You made a little bit of heaven here with us for these years, loving us, entertaining us, and keeping us warm at night all snuggled in.

You gave us happy memories and funny ones, a few scary ones (like when the bee stung you) and honestly, not a single bad one.

We hope we gave you happy and fun memories too, along with a safe and hurt-free life.

You had a difficult start, something that we all worked hard to get past.  It was thrilling when you finally allowed us to touch and pet you; when you learned to trust us in a room with you, or on the couch.

You came so far, you worked so hard, you gave us so much – you will always be a part of us.


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