Sad Heart

Tiger-dog is adjusting to no Sparkle-dog.

We let her sniff Sparkle-dog’s leash when we got back from the Vet’s, she was keenly interested in the smells.

We let her sniff the car, so she knew Sparkle-dog had not come home.

We let her sniff our pants, shirts and hands.

We petted and hugged Tiger-dog, and told her what we’d done.

All day Tuesday, she laid in her bed and slept. She refused all food.

Today she ate breakfast, we are relieved. She’s mopey and staying close to me, which is odd because she’s really Car-man’s shadow.

I believe that dogs grieve, that they miss their friends and companions, and this is a small indication of how they do it.

We will keep up with the ‘pass-along’ hugs, snuggles, and words of love from you all.

Thank you.


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