False Alarm

Carbon Monoxide is a KILLER.  Do not do what I have done – unless you’ve already had EXPERTS evaluate your home (the kind that arrive with fancy monitoring equipment and such).

Our Carbon Monoxide Alarm went off yesterday, Tiger-dog bolted for the outside to get away from the siren.  I covered my ears and went to rip the battery out of the back of it.

Our Carbon Monoxide detector is at least 10 years old.  It goes off for no reason that we can detect.  The HVAC people come and check and they don’t know why either, “You should purchase a newer model, they are more accurate now a days.”

But, we haven’t.

So, when that shrill siren ripped through the air yesterday, I did what many people have done before me – I fumbled for the battery, couldn’t open the housing and, tossed the whole thing into the freezer.

Let me tell you, even in that super-insulated environment you can still clearly hear the alarm, but it’s tolerable.

Eventually, it stops.

My task today is to get a new carbon monoxide detector – 10 years old is just too long to be reliable and I won’t take the risk of not having an alarm.   False alarms I could tolerate, but why?  Just laziness on my part.  Besides the new ones are far more accurate.

I think I will plug both in, the old one and the new one, they can keep each other honest.


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