Helping around the house

Apparently the eggs have to be unpacked first…

It was very sweet of Tiger-dog to help me unpack the groceries.

Just like the laundry, I do the unpacking wrong. I take from the top of the bag to the bottom, putting items away as I go.

Tiger-dog takes the most alluring smell first and goes from there. In this case the bread had to be hauled out of the grocery bag first – and yes she did it very carefully, no bite marks, just slobber. Then a few smaller items got shoved around inside the bag – the bananas, which was odd because she really likes those. Then finally, the eggs!

It did make her grumpy that I took them away when I got back into the kitchen with the last load from the car.

She did grump at me when I put them in the fridge.

She forgot all about the eggs when I gave her a peanut butter cookie…


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