Dog stuck in bed

For hours, possibly days!

It’s getting cold here (for us – for all you Northerners, you’d still be in shorts if you were here).

Tiger-dog is old, so her bones need all the extra warmth she can steal from elsewhere.

Normally, she steals it from the Sun, or from Car-man, both quite willing to share happily.

So, how did she get stuck in the bed?

We bought an electric blanket.  Just for us, we use it for about 10 minutes, to warm the bed before we get in.

Tiger-dog happened to get on the bed for that brief 10 minutes and discovered the heat – We discovered a monster.

If the heat goes off, she starts to dig the bed and grump at it.

If the heat stays on, she lazes happily and drifts into happy doggy-dreams of eating and running and eating some more.

She would like her dinner to be served on the bed.  Breakfast too.  And, probably lunch, if she’d wake up.

It’s 10 o’clock in the morning here, she’s snoring up a storm that’s louder than the leaf blower outside…


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